Our People



The difference Between one Organisation and Another is the Performance of its People.



Omnia Security depends on the skill and enthusiasm of our people. They embody our culture and values, enable us to deliver great service to our customers and are ultimatly responsible for the strength of our reputation and our ability to grow.

We invest in our staff by focusing on training, staff welfare, staff retention and motivation.


Omnia Security provide experienced and SIA licensed security Officers.

Due to the nature of the job and the security services industry regulations,

all our Security officers are SIA licensed and undergoes a full 5 year screening to British Standards 7858 before beeing offered a position.


Our Cleaning staff Provides the highest quality service.

We do this by delivering exceptional customer service at all times, training our office cleaners with the best practices and regulations.


We have contact with all our staff 24 hours a day and our Operations division conduct random checks at client premises to ensure standards are high and client expectations are met as well as exceeded. 




Presentation is important to Omnia Security and we ensure that all our staff wear their uniforms with pride and presence.  


  24 Hours 7 days a week

             24hr: 07776357172


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