Valuable Asset Escort - In-country and Overseas


The protection of high value and priceless assets from criminality is a concern for any business or private individual.

Our security operatives are hand-picked for each role, they fill and carry a vast range of skills which equip them for all eventualities. We plan for all contingencies and ensure each checkpoint of the project is reached and the asset remains secure. We will review the pickup point and destination point for the valuables and establish primary and alternate routes of transportation.

Our services are Safe, secure and delivered according to our customers strict requirements.


We ensure your valuable assets are transported safely and securely National or International


We offer:

  • High Value Security Escort
  • Transportation Security Service
  • Cash / Stocks / Bonds / Documents
  • Jewelry / Fine Art /Antiques / Precious Stones
  • Diplomatic Courrier

We do this in a confidential, discreet and secure manner.



  24 Hours 7 days a week

             24hr: 07776357172


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