Retail Security


The guards will be fully trained to the highest level of service possible  reaching and exceeding the client’s expectations.We operate with a pro-active  management team who visit our sites on a regular basis to ensure there are no  issues that require addressing.

The following is covered:

  •             Observing the public
  •             Crime prevention
  •             Forming relationships with client
  •             Report writing
  •             Detaining person involved in criminal activities
  •             Liaising with CCTV operators  
  •             Reporting obstructed fire exits
  •             Reporting defective security devices, locks, fences etc
  •             Setting and deactivating alarm system
  •             Checking and reporting potential fire hazards
  •             Checking for any signs of intrusion, vandalism or graffiti
  •             Assisting in the apprehension of persons




  24 Hours 7 days a week

             24hr: 07776357172


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