Janitors and Caretaking


All our janitors and caretakers are professional and they will provide total cover for your site throughout the day, taking care of all requested tasks.

From daily School cleaning, putting up notices and keeping washroom facilities clean to sweeping up paths, window cleaning and fitting lightbulbs.  


Our professional staff can ensure that floors, upholstery and pathways are clean and tidy and maintain the professional apperance of the proprety when needed throughout the day.

Will also carry out regular cleaning of the toilets and washrooms areas ensuring that staff, visitors and pupils are provided with clean and hygienic facilities at all times.


Schools & Colleges


Working with Schools and Colleges, we know the importance of creating and maintaining a first class envoironment for staff and pupils to work, learn and play.


Cleaning requirements vary between term time and annual holidays, this requires a flexible approach to the cleaning regime to ensure our thorough, periodic services are carried out successufully completed within the time frame.

The services are tailored to meet your needs and request.

Our professional trained caretakers will deliver a high standard of work, our expeptional management team will closely monitor all ongoing service provisions.


If you already have a trusted janitor or caretaker, we can employ him / them to guarantee that you have always the same person with our best service.

We offer bespoke, transparent and Cost effective school cleaning.

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