Minimise your risk from terrorism

You’re responsible for your own personal safety.                                                          In many countries, the threat from terrorism is higher than it is in the UK.           You should always be aware of your surroundings, and report any concerns to the local security authorities. 

International terrorism remains a serious threat for living or travelling overseas. Attacks can occur anywhere in the world, usually with little or no warning. Terrorist attacks abroad will continue to target western interests, including British tourists, travellers and expatriates.

Terrorist targets

Increasingly terrorists look for targets that aren’t well-protected places, and where westerners can be found. These include places like bars, restaurants, shops, places of worship, tourist sites and transport networks. Significant dates, anniversaries, public holidays, religious festivals and political events have been targeted. Terrorists have also conducted attacks in response to international political or social developments, for example the release of films and cartoons that are considered to be offensive. Terrorist groups continue to use social media to inspire or direct so-called ‘lone wolf’ attacks which are difficult to predict and disrupt, and could take place in almost any country.

If you’re travelling abroad you should regularly check the FCO’s travel advice for the country you’re visiting.

The FCO constantly reviews the threat to British nationals from international terrorism and as far as possible will reflect any credible threats in travel advice.



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