Close Protection


Our Close protection operatives are highly trained and experienced professional with a profile that is appropriate to the customers assignments. They have excellent flexibility and the ability to operate in a wide range of environments from remote sites to busy city and high profile events.


The specific responsibilities fulfilled by a CP vary some from case to case.

Some duties commonly performed by close protection services are:

  • The development of travel plans
  • Entrance and exit strategies to avoid unwanted disruptions
  • Risk assessment in public settings where attacks are a significant risk
  • Preventing detainment or disruption from fans, press and other interlopers
  • Providing protection for family members


Whether this service is part of an existing arrangement with us or a one off, you will find our close protection operatives, smart, discreet and above all 100% professional.


According to your preferences, our Officers can be either a highly visible deterrent or a discrete part of the day-to-day running of your household.


Hostile Environment

Some of our CP Operatives are HET trainning ( Hostile Environment Training ).


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