Construction site Security & Theft Prevention


Constrution sites are easy targets for the opportunist thief, the high value of plant, materials and equipment can lead to quick and easy profit for the successful Thief.

The role of security on a construction site is very important because it involves not only protecting the valuable items within the worksite but also protecting workers and members of the public from workplace related dangers.

These include theft, vandalism and deliberate damage and terrorism

Omnia Security provides trained and experienced fully licensed security officers with full PPE to watch over your construction site to ensure safety.


Security Operational Measures

  • Gate House and Access Control for Staff and Visitor
  • Surveillance of people on site
  • Security to workers, visitors and public
  • Delivery Handling
  • Vehicle checks
  • Site patrols; check perimeter, gates and any potential issue or incidents 
  • Building site overnight Security 
  • Liason with the Police, local authorities and other stakeholders 


Each construction site will have its own particular security issues and many stages of development were they are subject to a number of threats, against witch security should be applied by the site operator. 


What On-Site Security can Prevent?


Typical threats for a construction site;

  • Theft of expensive materials and equipment
  • Preventing trespassers from entering the building site
  • Protesters (either related to the site activity or simply for publicity)
  • Robbery or attacks on the construction workers
  • Protecting against vandalism and arson
  • Intruders intent on committing suicide

These are just a few examples as to why it is crucial to have the right Security measures in place.


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