In any business, First impressions are vital


As the first point of contact for visitors, our Security officers will provide friendly and professional service in welcoming public, guests or residents to your building.

Omnia security officers have extensive experience in customer service and are fully trained and licensed to carry out their duties professionally. 

Reception, Front of house and Concierge security is fully customised to clients specifications and requirements. 


Omnia Security understands the importance of maintaining a professional image that compliments the image of your company and for that reason we select the officers most suited to a client’s needs. They receive site-specific training and instructions to operate to your own procedures. We ensure the same officers are kept on their regular sites for continuity and good working relationships, to embrace the culture and gaining corporate knowledge.


Our service include CCTV watch, check Control access points, check visitor credentials, guide people in and out of buildings and keep fire exits and walkways clear.


When any incidents do arise, they are resolved quickly and with the minimum of disruption.


Search and Screening


Screening people and their beloings at entry points can help reduce the likelihood of explosive devices, weapons and other hazardours or prohibited items or materials brought into buildings and sites.


Internal and external patrols


Omnia Security officers can regularly conduct internal and external building patrols checking windows, doors, gates, looking for signs of intrusion or criminal damage.


Open and Close


We can open and close the bulding to your requirements  at the start and end of the working day, taking responsibility for ensuring the property is secure.

If any problem is found, we will conduct a full inspection and the Security Officer will remain on site until the event is cleared and a full report is complete.


Daily reports provided 


We will produce daily report logs detailing activities, incidents and irregularities. 


Mobile Supervisory visits


Each and every one of our clients will receive regular site visits from our Mobile Supervisor as part of our standard service.


The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is Substantial.


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