Film / TV locations Security


Omnia Security supply security cover for filming locations 24 hours per day and assist location managers with deliveries and placing of unit vehicles and supplies, also we work closely with producers, line producers and crew to ensure that equipment and facilities are secure, and that cast and crew are able to work safely and uninterrupted.


Part of our services include;

  • Equipment and facilities are secure.
  • Cast and crew are able to work in a safe environment.
  • That the film shoot is not disrupted by the general public or paparazzi. 
  • Traffic management, monitoring vehicle access and maintaining emergency vehicle access in accordance with legislation.
  • Site Patrols.
  • Securing VIP areas such as trailers and sets.
  • Securing and locking the stage at the end of the days filming.
  • Securing stages, closed sets and artistes dressing rooms.


We can also offer a higher level of Security Protection for VIPS from our Close Protection operatives.


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