Diplomatic Protection


We understand the diplomatic mission needs and support the organisation through tailored services.

Understanding the threat

In these times of social and political upheaval, Embassies and Consulates represent significant High-risk targets.

Governments around the world have Diplomatic staff that carry out vital functions in maintaining and protecting the interests of their country and its citizens, along with developing international relationships, trade and commerce.

They need to be Safe in the knowledge that they are Protected from potential threats.


Diplomatic buildings such as Embassies and Consulates along with any other buildings that house Diplomatic staff or assets, which represent a particular country, are a potencial target to those who oppose its views or deologies and therefore need to be protected.


Our approach


Omnia Security has been providing protection for Embassies, Consulates, Diplomats Private Residence and high profile political individuals from many years.


Our Security Operatives


Our Security operatives on Government and Diplomatic sites are very experienced and well trained. They will conduct themselves professionally and discreetly according to the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work.


Our operatives are Bilingual and trained to provide Reception, front door security, security search and manage the constant flow of human traffic looking for the services provided by Consulates and Embassies. 


Terrorism Threat


A training programme is given to address the threats and to give the officers a thorough understanding of the nature of a threat and the best practice methodology to prevent an attack.


Training includes:

  • Explosives devices, Bomb Threats and search procedures
  • Workplace violence
  • Crisis intervention


Omnia Security works in collaboration with the DPG Police

(Diplomatic Protection Group) 


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