Surveillance and Protection Services


All our surveillante operatives are professionally trained to the highest standard covering a range of different techniques for every type of job getting the best evidence for your case.

They can blend into whatever community or surroundings that is required to achive the task.

  • . Physical Surveillance
  • . Technical Surveillance
  • . A combination of both, Physical and Technical

All the process offers video and photographic evidence and leaves hardly any room for doubt when investigating a case.



Intelligence gathering and admissibility


The techniques we use have to be employed carefully and comply fully with the law in the countries we operate. In UK, where covert human intelligence sources (CHIS) are used, we have to be mindful of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA). Its important in this respect to carefully think through the impact the cover investigation may have on human rights.

All of intelligence gathering activities are designed around obtaining information intelligence where gathered from passive or proactive sources, is lawfully obtained and admissible in a court of law.



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